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Enrollment is exclusive to Academicise students. The workshop will be open to both new and returning K to 3rd grade students wanting to sharpen their vocabulary, phonics, critical thinking, reading and comprehension skills.

The goal of the Power Readers Club, aiming mainly at lower graders, is to build a solid foundation for future academic advancement. To achieve this, we will work to enhance and improve reading ability by giving students the tools to read text, process it, and utilize its meaning effectively.


The workshop will increase their knowledge and understanding of letter-sound relationships, help students recognize familiar words quickly, and be able to figure out new and challenging words. they will also be given stories to read and form groups to discuss structure and analyze what they have read, in order to learn to make connections between their prior knowledge and the text.

For more information contact Academicise at (626) 575-8863 and ask for Mr. Calvin,

‚Äčor email: or

Power Readers Club